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For a Coming Extinction Analysis
English 825 Words 3 Pages

For a Coming Extinction Analysis W.S. Merwin’s “For a Coming Extinction” poem is about the human destruction of the earth’s creatures that not only threatens their extinction but also destroys the planet and human survival. People are negligent and unforgivable to the animals yet they came up wi...


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Reactor vessel development in the NPP
Engineering 5700 Words 19 Pages

Reactor vessel development in the NPP Introduction A reactor nuclear vessel is a cylindrical steel vessel that encloses a reactor core in the nuclear power plant. The vessel is made of a fine-grained, high standard and special low alloy ferric steel which is very well suited for welding. The l...


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Active Learning Strategies
Education 1650 Words 6 Pages

Active Learning Strategies Introduction: In many states across the world, active learning is perceived as an appropriate method for children and adolescents to develop fundamental skills, knowledge and positive attitude towards learning. It is a kind of education that engages and dares young ...


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Different Perspectives on Chungking Express and the Ashes of Time film by Wong Kar Wai
Management 1925 Words 7 Pages

Different Perspectives on Chungking Express and the Ashes of Time film by Wong Kar Wai Admittedly, various film directors are influenced by various perceptions when producing a movie. In times, they can affect other directors to follow their trend and as a result, they end creating a distinct c...


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Social Media Brand Advertising
communications 550 Words 2 Pages

Social Media Brand Advertising Brand Pages I liked I like several pages or accounts in various social media networks. The most favorite brand pages include the Nike and Apple brands in the Pinterest and CNN account in Twitter. I interact with these pages in various ways. For the Nike brand page...


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Theories of Organisational Change
Leadership 1925 Words 7 Pages

Organizational Change Organizational change is one of the major factors considered in most companies. It helps organizations work towards achieving their desired goals. Organizational change may arise due to environmental change, in case of emergency or due to change in leadership. For an organi...


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My Socio-autobiography
Sociology 550 Words 2 Pages

My Socio-autobiography As I grew up, the agents of socialization were the key sources of influence of my life. My patents were raising me, and instilling in me some beliefs and values that I still hold up to date. Just as the research of Pratt, Norris and Hebblethwaite (2008) confirms, parents h...


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