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3D Systems Final Strategic Plan

Technology 3800 Words 13 Pages
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Formulate a 3D Systems’ corporate strategic plan.


  • Title: 3D Systems Final Strategic Plan
  • Length: 13 pages (3800 Words)
  • Style: APA


A strategic plan refers to a roadmap where an organization defines its strategies or directions, including decision making for resource allocation in pursuance of organizational goals. Strategic planning may extend to the control mechanisms meant to direct the implementation of the organizational strategies. The concept of strategic planning gained prominence in the 1960s and has since remained a very important component of strategic management. The concept includes setting goals and initiating the actions aimed at achieving them. It also entails mobilizing of resources in order to execute them (Bryson et al., 2011). The 3D Systems’ strategic plan is an essential process and therefore needs inputs, outputs, activities, and outcomes. It is a plan like all the other processes that is aimed at providing a guide to the actual strategy formation. The objectives of the organization’s strategic plan are to diagnose the environment and its competitive situation, as well as formulate a policy guide on what the company intends to achieve in the long run (Bryson et al., 2011).

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