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Active Learning Strategies

Education 1650 Words 6 Pages
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Write about active learning strategies.


  • Title: Active Learning Strategies
  • Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
  • Style: APA


Active Learning Strategies Introduction: In many states across the world, active learning is perceived as an appropriate method for children and adolescents to develop fundamental skills, knowledge and positive attitude towards learning. It is a kind of education that engages and dares young individuals to think using imaginary as well as real life situations. Furthermore, it implies deep learning for students as they construct knowledge and develop meaning from their environment. In the education context, active learning is based on cooperative experience, focusing activities and active engagement of thinking processes in the application of knowledge. It incorporates different teaching methods such as teacher driven questioning, collaborative learning, group discussion. Additionally, students take advantage of the prospect for learning presented by purposeful and spontaneous play, events and life experiences, focused learning, and teaching. Active learning can enhance learner’s developments to become effective contributors, confident, successful, and responsible citizen. Writing in Class: The most effective method to increase one classroom charisma is through active involvement in class. Moreover, not only will the student find it easier to engage with the teachers, but they will also lessen the capability to retain the information. Writing requires them to make choices of ideas. Through it, the learner can develop the skills of sorting, and generate new ideas. Furthermore, they can use the exercises to build their thoughts. An understanding of arranging and discovering new views is crucial, and success is inevitable through this technique (Smith, 2014). Consequently, critical thinking exercises are essential in enhancing the students’ ability to select explicit words that represent the thoughts. While they do not realize the intensity of writing, it enables them to generate stronger papers in future (Walker, 2003). It is a way to deviate from received knowledge towards situations of analyzing and synthesize an understanding of the lessons materials.

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