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Anna Schmidt is the co-founder and CEO of AllergySensei. She was driven by the need to provide long lasting solutions to people living with food allergies. In her initial stage, Anna Schmidt presented Dragon’s Den Style (AllergySensei, 2013). On the other hand, Jeffery Rayport identifies 7C’s e-commerce Client Interface as a group of designed philosophy for ecommerce websites (Bejanian, 2010). However, with digital age, new technology quite often exaggeratedly appears complex for the intended and targeted users. Social media is the widely used marketing platform and AllergySensei is aggressively using this platform to create awareness of their allergy application in the public domain. The company is using facebook, twitter, and website. Nevertheless, they are not effective. Why do I say this, the facebook fan page has only  two hundred and sixty two likes, and out of them only thirty three are actively engaged. This is the same case with the twitter handle. From a mere look at the website, am sorry to state that it is not eye catching. Based on the aforementioned reasons, it is therefore important for me to recommend on the best approach for effective use of social media and traditional marketing tools to maximum benefit AllergySensei Company.


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