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Blog Post on North by Northwest film

General 204 Words 1 Page
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Alfred Hitchcock is a master at using location to create associations for particular ideas and themes at works in his films, and *North by Northwest* is one of his most celebrated works. Write a blog entry (min. 200 words) in which you identify one location in *North by Northwest* and discuss how it is used in the film. Your blog entry must begin with the words, "*North by Northwest* is a film about (blank). The film uses the location of (blank) to explore this idea because..."

For this assignment, you may borrow from another student's blog work regarding the choice of a location, as long as you identify that other student and clearly elaborate on their idea.

N.B. One qualification: For this blog entry if two students have already written on one location, you are not permitted to write a third entry on that location and must choose a different one. If there are three or more entries on a single location, only the students who submitted the first two entries will receive credit for their blog assignments.   There are many highly associative locations in *North by Northwest.* Be creative!


  • Title: Blog Post on North by Northwest film
  • Length: 1 pages (204 Words)
  • Style: N/A


North by Northwest is a film about an advertising executive who gets mistaken for a fictional government agent by the name George Kaplan by a gang of spies. He is not only kidnapped but also framed for the murder of a UN diplomat. The framing by a mysterious organization is intended to prevent him from blocking a plan to smuggle out government secrets in a microfilm. 

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