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Case Study

Public Administration 643 Words 3 Pages
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Please answer the six questions below of the case study attached:

1. Did Harper move too quickly to make a decision? Explain

2. How steps have been taken to build community support and offset the influence of old-line politicians?

3. What options did Harper miss?

4. How should the goal of providing at least $400,000 in annual capital improvements funding be accomplished?

5. What is the optimal way of funding the capital improvement program?

6. Evaluate Harper's risks over the tax increase issue? Should personal job security be a factor? How much of an increase should be recommended?



  • Title: Case Study
  • Length: 3 pages (643 Words)
  • Style: MLA


Case Study

Did Harper move too quickly to make a decision? Explain

Harper was under immense pressure to bring forth reforms in Clearview. It means that he had to make decisions for the benefit of the public. Clearview under previous regimes had experienced both economic and political challenges. Harper’s appointment meant that he had to make rapid and critical changes. The people of Clearview were also eager to see their city transform and their welfare considered. For instance, the people complained of high taxes which did not even stir growth and development of their town. Therefore, Harper upon assuming the position of County Manager had to move quickly to arrive at a decision that would be essential to the people of Clearview.

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