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Small wars
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Summary of Small Wars by Andrew B. NocksNocks (2010) writes on the concept of Effects-based Operations (EBO) and how they are used in the Unites States Air Force. According to Nocks, EBO represents an element of design that has specific requirements for the achievement of national security. The a...


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Personal statement for application to the New School
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America is hailed locally and internationally as the land where dreams come true and people come from all corners of the world in pursuit of that dream (CAP Immigration Team). In the solitude that befalls someone who has been cast out of their community after falling pregnant before marriage, it ...


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Readiness for graduate studies
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Readiness for Graduate Business Study When I began my undergraduate program in business, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do. I had a strong inclination to business and leadership, but I did not know which field in particular I wanted to join. My undergraduate program in business opened...


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