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Leadership Report
Nursing 1650 Words 6 Pages


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Testicular Cancer
Nursing 2200 Words 8 Pages


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Research Critique
Nursing 1100 Words 4 Pages


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Application of theory
Nursing 1714 Words 6 Pages

IntroductionThe application of theories in describing certain phenomena and solving problems in the fields such as education, nursing, medicine, engineering and research has created profound improvements in these areas. For instance, nursing theories which can be defined as the set of definitions...


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Concept Analysis Paper
Nursing 1976 Words 7 Pages

Introduction In the field of nursing, the term theory can be defined as a policy, belief or procedure followed for the purpose of performing certain practice in nursing.The nursing theories usually have a well-organized framework of purposes and concepts designed to guide the nurses in their...


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Med-surg Nursing
Nursing 440 Words 2 Pages

Introduction Brunner and Syddarth (2010) recommend that all pregnant women should be tested for HIV as early as possible during their early stages of pregnancy. This is important for the HIV control and prevention (management). It was therefore in order for Sallie Jefferies to be screened fo...


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Pathophysiology and Nursing Management of Cancer
Nursing 900 Words 3 Pages

Pathophysiology and Nursing Management of CancerCancer is one of the chronic health problems causing many deaths all over the world. It is a health condition involving uncontrollable growth and reproduction of cells in a certain body part and organs (Jones, 2003). Cancerous cells attack and destr...


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