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Who Am I
Psychology 1650 Words 6 Pages


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Transactional Analysis
Psychology 1100 Words 4 Pages

Transactional Analysis In certain scenarios, our desires conflict with our values resulting in an internal conflict. Such situations leave a person in a dilemma since he or she has to make a decision that is important in resolving the current issues. A conflict in this setting refers to the ...


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Lyn Yvonne Abramson
Psychology 448 Words 2 Pages

Lyn Yvonne Abramson is my psychologist of choice. She is the psychology professor at the Wisconsin-Madison University. Points of interestPersonal backgroundBirth Abramson was born in 7 Feb 1950 at a place called Benson, Minnesota. Educational background Abramson took her underg...


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Child Abuse and Children’s Development
Psychology 1650 Words 6 Pages

Child Abuse and Children’s DevelopmentIn the recent past, the topic of child abuse has received much attention globally. European nations are in the leading position in carrying out campaigns against child abuse. Previous studies have categorized child abuse depending on the age of the chil...


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