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Critique Websites of Scientific "Accuracies" In the Bible Scientific accuracies of the bible by the Christian apologetics and research ministry.
Religious studies 825 Words 3 Pages

Critique Websites of Scientific "Accuracies" In the BibleScientific accuracies of the bible by the Christian apologetics and research ministry. Retrieved from < >In the article, the author tries to justify the biblical statements...


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Importance of Hadith
Religious studies 1650 Words 6 Pages

Importance of HadithHadith is a term used in Islamic religion to mean a report or saying about an action done by the Muhammad. It is widely used in various Islamic activities as the followers have strong belief in the prophet. They could observe his practices in their daily lives as they strive t...


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Religious Conflicts
Religious studies 2200 Words 8 Pages

Religious ConflictsThe field of religion is a significant factor in the development of strategies for social and economic aspects of society. Religion is considered as a primary human right as underlined by various legal doctrines. However, in society today, there are many religious conflicts, be...


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The Ark of the Covenant
Religious studies 550 Words 2 Pages

The Ark of the CovenantFor a long time, people have pondered about the whereabouts of The Ark of the Covenant, with different people giving different suggestions on the where the ark could be hidden. The Ark of the Covenant resembled a chest, and measured a length around two cubits and a half, a ...


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Scriptures Teachings Compare and contrast the understanding of the role of the Torah/law in salvation in Paul and in the Gospel according to Matthew.
Religious studies 1100 Words 4 Pages

Scriptures TeachingsCompare and contrast the understanding of the role of the Torah/law in salvation in Paul andin the Gospel according to Matthew. Most importantly, traditional Judaism majorly emphasized on Torah or Law. This implies that Torah occupied a significant place in the lives of t...


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In what significant ways does culture today differ from Old Testament Jewish culture?
Religious studies 275 Words 1 Page

In what significant ways does culture today differ from Old Testament Jewish culture?In the Jewish culture, the mosaic covenant was a treaty that God made between him and the Jews in the nation of Israel. The Jewish followed the Mosaic Law and all its components because they believed that it was ...


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Religious studies 450 Words 2 Pages

According to Coloroso<!--[if !supportFootnotes]-->[1], genocide takes place in ten main stages. These are classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, persecution, extermination, and denial. These stages show how genocide is developed ...


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Risk Management: Introduction and Issues Faced By Shell Company in Malaysia
Religious studies 3700 Words 13 Pages

IntroductionProfoundly,Shellwasthe first Company to discover oil in Malaysia, on top of Canada in Miri Division in 1910. Since the past decade, Malaysia has made a remarkable mark in international trade due to the rapid expansion of her economy at the fastest rate in five years. By that time, Mal...


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Judo and Religion
Religious studies 275 Words 1 Page

Judo is a sport that is grouped under the cadre of modern martial art. It involves two players who aim to take down or throw one another on the ground with the aim of immobilizing each other. Whoever manages to pin the other to the ground completely normally wins. It is a sport that requires tact...


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Characteristics of the humanity of Jesus Christ as laid out by Willmington and their relevance in today’s society that finds it difficult to relate to Jesus
Religious studies 300 Words 1 Page

The two distinguishing characteristics that prove the humanity of Jesus could be described by His physical appearance, for instance, He looked and acted like a normal man, and the other factor being that human parents raised Him despite being conceived by the Holy Spirit (Willmington, 1981). His ...


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Religious studies 3400 Words 11 Pages

IntroductionIn spite of the misleading beliefs that some people hold that God does not exist, there are many indications around the world that He is there. His existence is not only evident in the creatures that he created, but also in the various events that occur around the world. As a result, ...


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Chinese American Religion Phenomenon
Religious studies 2000 Words 8 Pages

IntroductionReligion is a man’s way of ensuring that he or she reaches God or that supernatural being. Among the Asian community, religion is one of the traditions that they hold dear to them(). The community that includes the Asian American community have various elements that are composed...


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An outline of the Fear of the Lord in the wisdom of the Old Testament
Religious studies 300 Words 1 Page

IntroductionAccording to the Wisdom of the literature of the Old Testament, the fear of the Lord is regarded as the positive perspective of reverence and respect towards God. Notably, there are several books in the Old Testament which have taken a keen interest in the theme of the fear of the Lor...


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Religion and Theology
Religious studies 600 Words 2 Pages

Question 1Apparently, Jeremiah was born in Anathoth, a small town in northern Jerusalem, where his father served as a priest. Also, Jeremiah was a prophet in 627 BC during the thirteenth year of King Josiah’s reign. Evidently, he holds more biblical records of prophetic activities that amou...


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Philosophy of Religion
Religious studies 800 Words 3 Pages

Question1Notably, several factors make it difficult to describe religion. First, religion is hard to delineate since every person has diverse concepts of what it is. Also, religion is centered on human conception; thus, it can fluctuate as extensively as human imagination permits. Thirdly, accord...


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Essential teachings of Hinduism
Religious studies 1600 Words 6 Pages

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world in terms of its members; in India, about 80 percent of the population practice the religion. Unlike other religions such as Christianity and Islam, Hinduism does not teach a single form of worship and way of living; on the contrary, it is taught...


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