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English 1650 Words 6 Pages
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Becoming a Global Citizen

Note: This assignment should be written in the correct format. Please click on the Writing Center
tab at the left-hand toolbar of the course. You will then click on the Writing Resources tab, which
goes over the basics of writing an essay. For information on how to write in-text citations in APA
format, click on “In-Text Citation Guide” under Integrating Sources within the Writing
Resources tab. This paper needs to consist of 750 – 1,000 words (excluding the title and
reference page).
Start your paper with the title of this assignment:
Importance of Developing Global Citizenship
The introduction paragraph of this paper should inform the reader of the topic you are
writing about while providing background information and the purpose or importance of
addressing this topic of global citizenship. You should prepare the reader by stating the concepts
you are about to address further in your paper. Typically a good introduction paragraph is made
up of 5 – 7 sentences.
Short Title of First Prompt (i.e. Benefits of Being a Global Citizen)
After viewing the required video Globalization: What Is Happening to Us? (2010), you
need write a paragraph of 5 – 7 sentences addressing how being a global citizen in the world of
advanced technology can be beneficial to your success in meeting your personal, academic, and
professional goals. For instance, in thinking about how you interact with others in your courses,
you could provide an example of how online courses contribute to your development as a global
citizen. It’s important to cite the video per APA guidelines within this paragraph.
Short Title of Second Prompt
After reading the article by Reysen and Katzarska-Miller, you need to write a paragraph
of 5 – 7 sentences explaining why there has been a disagreement between theorists about the
definition of global citizenship. Within the article, the authors address how specific schools of
thought define global citizenship. It would be a good idea to paraphrase this information in your
own words and cite the article per APA guidelines. Also, within this paragraph, you should
provide your own definition of global citizenship after reading what other ideas are from the
Short Title of Third Prompt
Note: Based on the article, you need to write two paragraphs: a paragraph on each of the two
outcomes of global citizenship you chose (intergroup empathy, valuing diversity, social justice,
environmental sustainability, intergroup helping, and the level of responsibility to act for the
betterment of this world).
Name of First Outcome Addressed (i.e. Valuing Diversity)
Within this paragraph you need to explain why this outcome is important in becoming a global
citizen. It’s a good idea to first define the outcome in your own words and then provide a
thorough explanation on why it’s important for your own development as a global citizen.
Name of Second Outcome Addressed (i.e. Social Justice)
Same instructions as the first paragraph above.
Short Title for Fourth Prompt
First Personal Example on (Name First Outcome)
You need to write a 5 – 7 sentence paragraph describing a personal experience that has
corresponds to the first outcome you addressed in the third prompt and has assisted or resulted in
your development as a global citizen.
Second Personal Example on (Name of Second Outcome)
You need to write a 5 – 7 sentence paragraph describing a personal experience that has
corresponds to the second outcome you addressed in the third prompt and has assisted or resulted
in your development as a global citizen.
Short Title of Fifth Prompt
You need to write a 5 – 7 sentence paragraph that identifies two specific education
courses and explains how each of those courses assisted or influenced your development in
becoming a global citizen.
In this paragraph, you need to summarize the main points of this assignment and include
a description of why this topic is important to address when it comes to the development of
global citizenship. Typically a good conclusion paragraph consists of 5 – 7 sentences. Keep in
mind that you should not share new information in the conclusion paragraph. This means that
there should not be any in-text citations. You are basically summarizing what you have written.


  • Title: Conflicts
  • Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
  • Style: APA


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