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Different Perspectives on Chungking Express and the Ashes of Time film by Wong Kar Wai

Management 1925 Words 7 Pages
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Compare, contrast, and evaluate those two readings. You can focus on some particular issue(s) such as assumptions, methodologies, goals, choice and use of examples, strengths and weaknesses of each argument, where the readings agree or disagree with each other, etc.


Use "Chungking Express" [重慶森林] (1994) and "Ashes of Time" [東邪西毒] (1994) as the two films to examine. 

This paper must examine at least " films directed by Wong Kar-wai.
This paper must propose and prove a main idea/. A good idea is concrete and specific, is neither obvious nor self-evident, is based on evidence and its interpretation, and anticipates counterarguments.
With regard to written sources, it is more important to demonstrate knowledge of readings that are on the syllabus than of readings that are not on the syllabus.
This paper must include proper citations when using other people's writings. Use MLA style of citation.
This paper must have a meaningful title.
This paper must be in 12 point font, be double spaced, and have 1" margins on all sides.


  • Title: Different Perspectives on Chungking Express and the Ashes of Time film by Wong Kar Wai
  • Length: 7 pages (1925 Words)
  • Style: MLA


Different Perspectives on Chungking Express and the Ashes of Time film by Wong Kar Wai Admittedly, various film directors are influenced by various perceptions when producing a movie. In times, they can affect other directors to follow their trend and as a result, they end creating a distinct culture in the industry. In fact, movies directed by persons in specific regions might sometimes exhibit some similar elements. Similarly, the Asian films and particularly the Hong Kong cinema presents some common aspects. One of the most popular film producers includes Wong Kar Wai, who belongs to the mid-1980s Second wave of Hong Kong film directors. The Wong and other producers remain much concerned with the development of innovative approaches initiated by the Hong Kong New Wave. Many scholars have studied performing arts in Hong Kong and have come up with different arguments on the same. The study differentiates the perspectives of individual articles concerning two films directed by Wong that include Chungking Express and the Ashes of Time. The argument is that the authors David Bodwell, Ackbar Abbas and Gary Bettison use different methodologies in analyzing the two films and emphasize the popularity and artistic nature of these movies. As earlier stated, this study focuses on the movies: Chungking Express and the Ashes of Time that were produced in the same year by the same producer. The former film is a stylish combination of deadpan film, romance and film noir that is set in the environment around Hong Kong’s famous chunking mansions, bar and clubs and a complex of shabby hostels. It also involves some elements of illegal immigrants.

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