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Employee Monitoring

Computer Science 900 Words 4 Pages
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In need of a research paper for my computer class. Need someone who is good with APA format , knowledgable and attentive to detail, The topic for this research paper: Employee Monitoring – why and  how it is used, the legal issues surrounding its use, and impacts on employer and employee. ?Official assignment directions posted below. ( Clearly title page will be made by me)

Research Paper Using Word 

This assignment has two goals:  1) have students increase their understanding of the concept of Protecting Personal Information (PPI) and other ethical issues related to the use of information technology through research, and 2) learn to correctly incorporate citations and references in APA format. Students may use the tools and techniques within Word to format the research paper, including use of the References and citation tools. These skills will be valuable throughout a student’s academic career.  The paper will require a title page, NO abstract, three to four full pages of content with incorporation of a minimum of 3 external resources from credible sources and a Works Cited/References page.  Wikipedia and similar general information sites, blogs or discussion groups are not considered creditable sources for a research project.  No more than 10% of the paper may be in the form of a direct citation from an external source.


  • Title: Employee Monitoring
  • Length: 4 pages (900 Words)
  • Style: APA


Employee monitoring refers to techniques used by an organization to gather information regarding the activities and locations of workers (Workman, 2009). Businesses adopt these strategies in order to enhance productivity and also to protect corporate assets. By monitoring employees, the businesses can prevent unacceptable behavior from the workers. There are various methods through which employers can accomplish the monitoring. However, these monitoring also raised ethical and legal issues. As such, this paper reviews the concept of employee monitoring, the legal issues involved, and how it impacts both the employees and their employers. It will also examine how personal information is protected so as to ensure it is not disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Studies carried out on employee behavior showed that between 30 and 40 of workers access the internet for activities not related to their job during working hours. Other statistics also showed that about 60% of all online purchases are made during working hours. There are also between 21 and 31% of workers that have sent emails or other communication with privileged corporate information to parties outside of the company communication network. As such, there is a need for employee monitoring to both prevent and stop such behavior.

Employers can adopt various strategies for this including keystroke logging, tapping the phones, GPS tracking of company assets, and internet monitoring (Chang, Liu & Lin, 2015). The latter helps the employee to view the surfing habits of the employee, their communications, and their use of social networking sites. Employers can also use employee monitoring software developed to help track how workers use their computers.

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