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For a Coming Extinction Analysis

English 825 Words 3 Pages
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poem to be using:

Analysis of a Poem of Witness: What is the subject of the poem you have chosen? How does it represent an act of witness? To what? What, specifically, is the poet calling us to witness by calling our attention to it? How does the poem reflect our larger theme of the individual and the community? How does the poet use figurative language to develop his/her theme? How does the poet use voice/tone effectively to convey his/her theme?

Choose ONE of the following questions to explore in your analysis:
• Choose one or two kinds of figurative language used in the poem to support your
analysis, and use specific examples of each in your paper.
• Analyze the poet’s use of voice/tone in effectively conveying the theme by giving examples of specific word choices and phrases that create an effective voice, noting whether it shifts throughout the poem.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages long in MLA formatting. Make sure you include a brief summary of the poem. Remember that poetry is cited differently from prose. Refer to “Writers Reference” for how to correctly cite poetry. It should fulfill all the requirements of the English 101 Check list. (See the Getting Started Module.) You will lose points for any missing elements, so pay attention to the check list!


  • Title: For a Coming Extinction Analysis
  • Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
  • Style: MLA


For a Coming Extinction Analysis W.S. Merwin’s “For a Coming Extinction” poem is about the human destruction of the earth’s creatures that not only threatens their extinction but also destroys the planet and human survival. People are negligent and unforgivable to the animals yet they came up with the concept of forgiveness (lines 5-6). Ironically, the people require forgiveness but cannot forgive or cease to kill innocent creatures. Little do people know that killing the animals has negative consequences on the future human life, which is entangled with continued existence of the planet as well as her beings. Merwin’s work qualifies to be a witness poem as it features several attributes of the act of witness. Merwin utilizes various styles to deliver his message. One of the styles is the use of figurative language to convey deeper meanings of his ideas. This paper analyses the “For a Coming Extinction” poem showing how it shows elements of act of witness, what the poet calls people to witness, and how it reflects our broad theme of persons and the community. It also explores how the poem utilizes the figurative language to support poet’s message for the people.

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