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History of Domestic Terrorism

Public Administration 2900 Words 10 Pages
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Paper details:

Please provide a history on domestic terrorism. Include the psychological factors that contribute to tourism and counter measures to prevent terrorism. Also include examples of Domestic groups that are labeled as a terrorist organization.


  • Title: History of Domestic Terrorism
  • Length: 10 pages (2900 Words)
  • Style: N/A


Domestic Terrorism

History of Domestic Terrorism

  The history of terrorism on both the domestic and the international front may be lengthy and rich in detail but the past of terrorism in the world is significantly shorter. Most of the known statistics regarding the notions of terrorism and their causative agents comes from the last three decades alone. The global awareness of the adverse effects of terrorist activities became apparent after the events of the September 11, 2001. While the acts of terrorism may be traced back to time immemorial, the global acknowledgement of the fact that this phenomenon is real and that the effects are devastating and detrimental to the economy as well as the society.  The prevalence of terrorist activities and the increase in the number of terror organizations operating in various parts of the world has been a result of a combination of three trends. The trends influencing the increase in the prevalence of terror cell and terrorist activities are the globalization of transport or travel, diversification of commerce and the ease of information transfer (Kis-Katos, Liebert, & Schulze, 2011). The combination of these three factors raises the inclination towards violence and acts of terrorism brings about variations in economic capability among the citizenry, thereby bringing about a rift in the social order than may invoke outbursts of violent behavior among the oppressed. Terrorism remains hard to define and delineate since time immemorial because it is all dependent on the point of view taken in defining the culprit and the victim in such situations. Throughout history, the agreeable fact regarding terrorism relates to the necessity for violence against non-combatants. Additionally, it is worth noting that acts of terrorism are not intended to cause an actual change or impact on the oppressive situation. However, the acts of terrorism are often aimed at invoking a need for change and a dialogue among the intended audience

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