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Management 275 Words 1 Page
Paper Details


Paper details:

1)What is polypharmacy

2)Identify the goal of a policy written to reduce incidents of theeffects of polypharmacy eg . BEERS CRITERIA, USE OF computer based recording, multiple pharmacys etc.

3)What tools might be included in the policy making process to increase the successful .

4)The role of prescribers in polypharmacy and how medical doctors and nurse practioners can reduce the risk factors and promote health of our elderly population


  • Title: Polypharmacy
  • Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
  • Style: APA



Definition of Polypharmacy

The term polypharmacy is applied in medical circles both positively and negatively to allude to a situation where more than five pharmaceutical drugs are given to a patient as part of a single treatment for medical ailments (Rambhade, Chakarborty, Shrivastava, Patil, & Rambhade, 2012). Polypharmacy finds most application among patients with multiple underlying and prevalent medical ailments and conditions. As a result, the phenomenon of polypharmacy remains prevalent among the elderly demographic in many instances.

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