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Power and mobile media

Technology 300 Words 2 Pages
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A summary of Chapter 2 from the book "Global Mobile Media" by Gerard Goggin.


  • Title: Power and mobile media
  • Length: 2 pages (300 Words)
  • Style: MLA


Power and Mobile Media

Chapter two of Gerard Goggi’s book explores the power and mobile media. It contains details such as structures, control, and networks required so that mobile technology can take root in a society. The mobile media’s power depends on the features or capabilities, which the mobile phone devices offer and the available structures that support the technology (Goggin 15). The author argues that the mobile media is a phenomenon growing rapidly, especially in the first world where the acquisition of mobile phone has been transformational socially and economically. This paper provides a summary of chapter two of the book power and mobile Media.

The author explores the structure required to avail mobile services such as network infrastructures and the internet. The availing of these resources is an expensive undertaking, which has demanded huge investments.

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