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Preparing a Computer Forensics Investigation Plan

Technology 1140 Words 4 Pages
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For this assignment, you are required to create a computer forensics investigation plan. To do this, address the following elements:

•How to prepare a Windows-based computer for a forensics investigation.

•How to handle the digital evidence resulting from such an investigation.

•Law enforcement and best-practice procedures used in gathering data from such digital evidence.

•Privacy issues.

•How such data may be used as evidence in a criminal proceeding.

When complete, your paper should be 4–5 pages long.

Refer to the Computer Forensics Investigation Plan Scoring Guide and the Computer Forensics Investigation Plan Project Description and Scoring Guide to ensure you meet all of the requirements for this project component.

Note: Your paper and references must be compliant to APA sixth edition guidelines. This includes citing your information appropriately.

Use the following list of resources from your readings, as well as any other resources, such as from the library and Internet, to complete this assignment:

Textbook- System Forensics, Investigation, and Response 

•Chapter 3, "Challenges of Systems Forensics," pages 49–53. This includes the sections "Role of Evidence in System Forensics" and "Scope-Related Challenges to System Forensics."

•Chapter 4, "Forensics Methods and Labs," pages 57–80.

•Chapter 5, "System Forensics Technologies," pages 82–102. This includes sections "How the Military Uses System Forensics," "Which Technologies Law Enforcement Agencies Use," and "How Business Use System Forensics Technologies."


  • Title: Preparing a Computer Forensics Investigation Plan
  • Length: 4 pages (1140 Words)
  • Style: APA


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