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Reactor vessel development in the NPP

Engineering 5700 Words 19 Pages
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The topic is how the nuclear reactor vessel developed overtime.

1.How the reactor changed over time from the first design to the last
 2. Discuss how can we improve the vessel of the reactor
 3.Compare different kind of reactors.


  • Title: Reactor vessel development in the NPP
  • Length: 19 pages (5700 Words)
  • Style: MLA


Reactor vessel development in the NPP Introduction A reactor nuclear vessel is a cylindrical steel vessel that encloses a reactor core in the nuclear power plant. The vessel is made of a fine-grained, high standard and special low alloy ferric steel which is very well suited for welding. The low alloy steel has a high toughness and has a high penetrability under neutron irradiation. To protect against corrosion, the inside of the reactor vessel is lined with austenitic steel cladding. The history of reactor vessels dates back in the 1950’s when the first nuclear vessel was made. Since then, most nuclear electricity has been generated by the two types of reactors that have been improved since. Some new designs of reactors are coming forward. Some of the new technology reactors have come into operation while the first generation reactors have ended their operating lives. Worldly, more than 11% of the electricity uses is generated from nuclear reactors, a percentage which is more than any other method used to produce electricity (World Nuclear Association 3). The nuclear reactors produces and controls the energy produced from splitting atoms of certain elements. The energy released produces heat that makes steam that turns turbines to produce electricity. The principles uses in nuclear power to generate electricity are the same for most of the reactors. Basically, for all the reactors, the energy that is released from these vessels is harnessed in form of either gas or water, and then used to produce steam that is used to drive turbines and produce electricity. In order to understand further about reactor vessels, this paper will discuss how reactor vessels have changed overtime, how they can be improved and then compare different types of reactors.

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