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Romanticism versus the Enlightenment

Sociology 275 Words 1 Page
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This week we considered the Romantic era, which was a reaction to the Enlightenment era—last week’s topic. Now that you’ve had some background on both, please consider which era contributed the most to our current American values. You might outline the traits we look for in cultural heroes, celebrities, political leaders, etc., or the values that our society is built upon in your argument. Essentially, are the values of the United States more Romantic or Enlightened and why? That is, do we as a culture seem to respond more to reason and logic or passion and feeling? Make sure to provide specifics and an explanation as to what you think—anything that will help your fellow classmates respond to your interesting ideas.


  • Title: Romanticism versus the Enlightenment
  • Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
  • Style: MLA


Romanticism versus the Enlightenment The 19th is referred to as the “romantic era” and it describes a movement in the history of aesthetic style, culture, and spirit or attitude. Romanticism was a revolt against the authority and the convention and a search for freedom in political, personal and artistic life. On the other hand, The Enlightenment era concerned a philosophical movement dominated by ideas in the eighteenth century. Both of these eras had significant impacts on most of the American values. This document assesses the level of impact that the two had on the current American society. Most importantly, the effects of the Enlightenment are more felt in the American society more than those of Romanticism. Enlightenment effects are majorly evident in the political and business fields. For instance, enlightenment philosophers such as the Emmanuel Kant valued personal freedom of which has influenced the moderns writers.

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