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Surveillance Technologies

Technology 2475 Words 9 Pages
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Surveillance Technologies

Your job is to research one of the following topics (or a topic approved by your teacher). You should produce a formal academic essay of approximately eight to ten pages in length (double spaced, font size 12 Times New Roman, standard margins). Your essay must include a clear thesis (an argument to be proved), appropriate research sources and citations (academic journal articles, appropriate magazine and news articles, etc.) The citations for your essay should follow a consistent academic format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

STEP #2 - Proposal

Your proposal should clearly outline the direction of your topic, your thesis/argument, the major supporting points/arguments that you will be researching.

STEP #3 - Proposal Update

You should now be able to clarify your proposal with a refined thesis statement, a clear set of arguments, and a series of sources that you will (or have) be using as references. As a general rule you should consider the number of sources to be roughly equal to the number of pages in your essay. For your essay you need to include at least 3 academic sources.


  • Title: Surveillance Technologies
  • Length: 9 pages (2475 Words)
  • Style: MLA


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