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Television Violence Affects Our Societies

Management 3300 Words 12 Pages
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The research paper should be an argumentative where you explain how children and teens are being affected by the violence that is shown on TV program. The background should include information about TV and TV programs that show violence, especially the channel that has most violence show for the teens and children. Moreover, add some information about the affect on youth people in the future including health problem and behaves. Be sure that you address your chosen issue from both sides (proponent and opponent), but choose a position and defend it. Remember to spend a considerable amount of space within your paper with the exposition or explanation of the topic. Also, remember to come up with compelling and credible evidence and examples to assist you in supporting your thesis/claim. Please make sure to use very simple way of writing, no need for complicated wards. Finally, the paper need at least 8 sources with an MlA citations and please don’t forget to include in-text citation as you quoting from sources all the way in the paper.


  • Title: Television Violence Affects Our Societies
  • Length: 12 pages (3300 Words)
  • Style: MLA


Television Violence Affects Our Societies

 Aggressive and abusive behavior in our society could result from a single remote controller. As an illustration, massive TV channels show violence scenes without considering its effects on our communities where children and teenagers belong. There is no doubt that TV violence is one of the reasons that lead the youth of our societies learning aggression.  One of the studies has linked the violence in television with rampant violence in teenagers (Bushman et al. 17). It is thought that by airing programs that involve lots of action scenes is a strategic way of luring young generation audience. Additionally, other entertainment aspects of interest to the youth remain vital for the executive producers’ decisions. Notably, television is considered a cheap babysitter to keep the children entertained. The biggest challenge is that most of the parents are naïve concerning the potential impacts of television for their children. Violent actions in the television may prompt the children from copying violent ideas of which eventually affects their behaviors in the society (Greenfield 42).

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