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The Business Process Management Cycle

Technology 275 Words 1 Page
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Name the four stages of the business process management cycle and summarize the activities in each.


  • Title: The Business Process Management Cycle
  • Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
  • Style: APA


The Business Process Management Cycle

Business process management refers to the systemic alignment of the operations of an organization to attain congruence with customer needs and demands. The process consists of a cycle of four phases that are discussed below.

Design and Modelling

            This is the initial stage that involves the breakdown of existing structures with the aim of building a foundation for designing future processes (Glykas, 2014). It is then followed by the process of coming up with new upgraded processes and structures. This ensures that the new designs or policy guidelines are able to solve all, or most of the challenges of the previous methods.

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