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The Effectiveness of Community Policing

Management 1600 Words 2 Pages
Paper Details


CRIM 401 Research Paper requirements


4-6 pages (full 4 pages)

12 point font

Times New Roman

Double spaced

One inch margins on all sides

References page (not included in the 4-6 page total)

APA citation style preferred



The paper needs to be on some aspect of policing.  You may want to look through the book to get some ideas.  In terms of topics, it is pretty wide open.  Find something that interests you.  This may seem obvious, but make sure the topic is actually related to policing.  If you are unsure whether your topic will work, feel free to run it by me first.

As for style, it can be informative (neutral) or persuasive/positional (one sided).  However, you will need support for your position.  Your personal opinions will not count.  Also, make sure that you do not simply regurgitate something back to me.  Example:  you are writing a paper on police shootings and you decide to just recount the details of Ferguson.  That will not work.  That is not the type of paper I am looking for.  It would be fine to include a brief description of what happened in that incident to set the stage for your paper, but that story by itself is not a paper.  Again, if you have an idea but are not sure whether it works, you can run it by me first.

You will need to rely on outside research to write this paper.  Please use what I call “legitimate” or “reputable” sources.  These sources include academic journal articles, major court cases, and reputable news sources like the Washington Post or New York Times, etc.  There is no set number of sources that you will need; however, I would like to see at least 5 sources.

Things to keep in mind:

Follow directions



  • Title: The Effectiveness of Community Policing
  • Length: 2 pages (1600 Words)
  • Style: MLA


The Effectiveness of Community Policing

Introduction to Community Policing 

Police officers and citizens interact in various ways apart from during criminal investigation incidences. Apart from their normal responsibility of enforcing criminal law, police officers also engage in community services by providing assistance to people in need, coordinating community outreach programs and organizing youth education forums among others. Police officers network within the community and form partnerships with community members and that makes them feel free to work in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. Community-oriented policing is a system where police officers interact with the locals in a community, become familiar with them and seek to unearth the causes of crime through initiating problem-solving strategies to reduce social disorder in collaboration with the community members (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2016). Basically, bicycle and foot patrols are the majorly used forms to visit and discuss with community groups about security matters. Questions have, however, been raised about the effectiveness of community policing and this paper will analyze whether it is effectiveness or not.

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