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Theories of Organisational Change

Leadership 1925 Words 7 Pages
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As a leader in your organisation, through the lenses of the theory presented in this topic:

1- Offer a reading (analysis) of your organisation and its context.

2- Write a proposal to the Executive/CEO to address your reading (analysis) of the organisation and its context and the needs as embodied in the vision.

Imagine you have a organisation company and you are the leader of your organisation


  • Title: Theories of Organisational Change
  • Length: 7 pages (1925 Words)
  • Style: APA


Organizational Change Organizational change is one of the major factors considered in most companies. It helps organizations work towards achieving their desired goals. Organizational change may arise due to environmental change, in case of emergency or due to change in leadership. For an organizational change to occur in an organization it requires good management skills. Introduction Organizational change is the way in which a company decides to improve its structure, goals, ideas, its technology, or organizations traditions in order to bring development in the organization and also to see the effects of the development in the organization. Organizational change can either be temporary or permanent. Companies which undergo organizational change end up improving their work performance. By doing this it helps the organization create a good environment with its client and also boost a lot of trust in market. The major reason an organization requires change is to come up with new ideas and test them if they can work. For any organizational to be successful it should have a good team work which helps it in running organizations day to day activities. IT Support personnel IT support personnel in an organization are required to check and maintain the computer systems and network in the company. He/she is required to install and configure computer systems, diagnose the hardware and software errors and solve technical and application issues, whether he/she is using a mobile phone or not. The size of the company gives the technical officer a wider role on which areas he/she should focus on.

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