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Why is Agriculture important?

Technology 550 Words 1 Page
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Why is agriculture important?


  • Title: Why is Agriculture important?
  • Length: 1 pages (550 Words)
  • Style: MLA


Agriculture plays a significant role in providing the foods that people consume. While it is possible to get food without engaging in the practice, it is the most reliable method through which most of the people find food. As the population of the human race continues to increase, so has the need to provide adequate food. Agriculture offers the best way in which people can get more food. Studies also show that agriculture is pivotal in helping to reduce poverty in the world. There are various parts of the developing world which rely primarily on agriculture as an economic activity. The revenues earned from these activities help to bring about economic development in the countries, thus, reducing poverty and inequality. This paper analyzes why agriculture is important with a focus on economic development. The research was carried out over the internet to find material that has been written concerning agriculture and its importance.

Agriculture has played a significant role in the economic prosperity of the developed nations. Emphasis is being placed on improving agriculture in the developing economies so that similar prosperity can be achieved. Scholars point out that agricultural revolutions preceded industrial revolutions in the developed countries (Diao et al. 92).

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